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Whole Child

  • We ensure each student feels safe in every way at school.
  • We create a complete and well-rounded curriculum, including attention to physical education, music, art, great literature, second languages, and interaction with nature.
  • Pathfinder Boarding School offer a variety of strategies for each aspect of the curriculum that target individual skills, abilities, and challenges—each individual is encouraged to grow academically at his/her own pace, whether he or she needs to require more time or less time, and whether he or she needs extra support to progress or extra freedom to reach her potential.
  • At Pathfinder Boarding School Teachers acts as guides and collaborators, rather than authoritarians—they use questions rather than commands; they use exploration rather than lecture; they engage students to take personal responsibility but offer continued support as a student and teacher strive for excellence together.
  • We at Pathfinder ensure there are a variety of assessment protocols—the school does not rely only on standardized assessments (tests) to check progress, but uses portfolios, teacher observations, individualized conferences with students, and student self-reflection among other assessment strategies.
  • We make a wide variety of materials and strategies and provide those materials available to all students.
  • At Pathfinder Boarding School we integrate practical life skills, such as cooking, care of the classroom environment, budgeting, animal care, cursive writing, care of the planet, and so on into the school day through a variety of different strategies, including classroom jobs.
  • We engage students in healthy lifestyle practices and ensure teachers are appropriate models of healthful eating and living. Students participate in service projects lead by the school and other social welfare activities.
  • Incorporate technology in moderation– we provide students with the tools for communication and to keep them updated with National and International issues, but we think that technology is just one of many approaches for enhancing knowledge.
  • We at Pathfinder Boarding School teach our students to respect other cultures and beliefs – we explain them the diversity, how it works and why diversity is needed with the help of books, documentaries, and educational tours.